Bridal Anarkali 2024 in Birmingham

The great tale of Anarkali is known to everyone and modern girls are fascinated by this love tale. So Deemas Fashion has the anarkali style and maxis in the brand too.

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Showing 1–24 of 49 results

An Anarkali is a type of salwar kameez for women made up of a long frock-style top (same as maxi) and features a slim fitted bottom. It varies in length and embroidery such as floor-length and usually ends up at the knees. Anarkali suits owe their name to the legendary Anarkali, a courtesan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. According to the legend, she was murdered for her illicit relationship with Crown Prince Salim, who later became Emperor Jahangir. The word anarkali translates to the “delicate bud of the pomegranate flower/tree.” This name signifies the qualities of softness, vulnerability, innocence, and beauty associated with the women who wore Anarkalis.

Why Choose Anarkali from Deemas Fashion?

We offer Pishwas frock just like the one Anarkali wore when she walked and danced around. You can pretend to be your Anarkali once you get into that outfit. You can look for us by either contacting us or visiting our website. You can also order online and we assure you that provide the best possible dresses according to your demands.