Collection of Angrakhas or Angrakha Dresses Leicester

Showing 25–37 of 37 results

Showing 25–37 of 37 results

Why Choose Angarkha from Deemas Fashion?

The fashion brand of Deemas Fashion has fervently gravitated towards creating a comfortable and glamorous look for your closet. Now, this may seem like a dream, but veritably it is a real collection of your dream dresses right at your doorstep, especially for Nikah wear. Our journey manifests a unique pathway towards creating the best fashion styles for you.

Most Trending Angarkhas

The angarkha also refers to a short calico vest with sleeves that descends only to the haunches. Instead of being fastened on both sides, is tied on one side only. Deemas Fashion has a reputation in Angrakha-style dresses. We strategize to bring colours of east and west; showcasing traditional clothing and western wear side by side for multiple tastes out there. Our goal is to give our customers the best of what we have in store for them. So you are wholeheartedly welcome to come to us and scrutinize our collection and choose the best dress that you find for yourself. We also have the services of ordering to your doorstep.